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Series The Opioid Epidemic—Think Your Family is Immune? No family is immune, and sadly, teens are one of the fastest growing segments of opioid abusers.

This series will help you understand the problem and prevent your family from becoming a statistic.

Parents might consider teen drinking a rite of passage because they drank when they were that age. Watch for unexplained changes in your teen’s behavior, appearance, academic performance, and friends.

And remember, it's not just illicit drugs that are abused now -- prescription drugs and even cough medicines and household products are also in the mix.

Her writing focuses primarily on articles relating to parenting, pregnancy and travel.

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(Part 2 of 2) Listen Episode In light of the challenges of parenting – and being – a teen girl, author Jessie Minassian offers encouragement and practical advice about topics like managing conflict, balancing boundaries and freedom, dealing with siblings, and more.

If you find empty cough medicine packaging in your child’s trash or backpack, if bottles of medicine go missing from your cabinet, or if you find unfamiliar pills, pipes, rolling papers, or matches, your child could be abusing drugs.

If you put too much emphasis on obedience, you may be able to make your teen or tween fall into line -- but at what price?

Be a good role model for your teen regarding the appropriate way to treat -- and be treated by -- the opposite sex, advises Dr.

Gail Saltz, a psychiatrist at the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

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