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Giving the relationship space had managed to save it and now both of them had come to terms with their destiny.

During the split, Kate had shown herself to be level-headed and discreet, never speaking to the press about her heartbreak.

In 2007, William and Kate called it quits, buckling from the intense media pressure of being in the spotlight.

Growing up, the palace had struck a deal with the press to give William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, privacy.

Back in London, she filled up her social diary and planned fun nights out with sister Pippa."Operation Win William Back" meant proving her independence.

And when she wasn't partying with her friends, she was devoting herself to rigorous a.m.

But though they were physically apart, they remained as emotionally connected as ever. He found it hard to get close to new people without questioning their true intentions and his long friendship with Kate proved her loyalty. She had been a shoulder to cry on through university, the inquest into his mother's death, and his dad's marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles.It's been five years since the world witnessed the wedding of the century, when Prince William finally made Kate Middleton his royal bride.Today, the couple is expected to mark the occasion privately with their children at their sprawling estate in the English countryside.In all likelihood, they will have a long wait before they are eventually made King and Queen and so are making the most of their time together.William and Kate have drafted a formula that should keep them happily married for a very long time to come. Over the past five years Kate has seamlessly adapted to William's unusual world, without any public mishaps.She's banished her shyness and her confidence has grown.But the reality of what commitment would really mean was starting to sink in and William was having doubts. William ended it and so began a huge culture shock for a couple that was used to living in the same house together at college. You find out things about yourself that maybe you hadn't realized...You can get quite consumed by a relationship when you are younger and I really valued that time for me as well—although I didn't think it at the time."Anyone would have been hard-pressed to tell—but that was the point!They are evidently more in love than ever; two weeks ago, as they hiked Tiger's Nest in Bhutan, they couldn't help but hold hands as they walked in unison.Their PDA is a far cry from the stilted royal couples of days gone by, this match evidently based on connection rather than duty.

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