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A good smile is essential, but you don't need straight, white teeth to have that.Generally if I like a guy I'm going to like his smile too because it's attached to him!I've never had a problem with anyone's teeth, unless they were completely an odd dark color, or a lot were missing or something. All in all, your teeth are by no means a dealbreaker.It's important that they're clean, it's important that they're present, and I'd rather they not be SUPER fucked-up (ie, literally sideways or something). Bonus points given for pointier-than-average canines. I don't know why, but something about the pronounced canines is hot to me - possibly because I used to have them but they have since ground away and it makes me sad.I don't have the best looking teeth myself, but I never needed a filling.

He also has chronic dental issues, plus he hates the dentist which makes them worse.And people have said I have a pretty smile, just because it's genuine so I think smiling authentically is more important than having perfect teeth.If a person loves to see you smile, they won't care what your teeth look teeth aren't perfectly straight or anything but they're Bad teeth aren't necessarily a dealbreaker.I've been attracted to guys with crooked teeth before; if I'm attracted to a guy already, somewhat crooked teeth probably won't kill the attraction, and I can overlook it. I mean it does, but everyone's teeth look weird when they're totally exposed like that.I have a weird obsessing with teeth and dental hygiene, i'll have to admit that. A little crowded maybe, but nothing unhealthy-looking.Paper-white teeth are unnatural and the idea we should have totally white teeth is purely a marketing ploy to sell cosmetic products. I stopped dating a guy because making out with him always tasted really bad.I'll vote not important as I still dated and married him.notice when someone's teeth are imperfect, but it's the same thing as noticing the way someone's nose or mouth looks, if that makes sense.You wouldn't have a dazzling toothpaste smile, but I'd personally rather someone smiled than worried about their appearance.And that pic just looks like a normal person's mouth to me, honestly.

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